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Bone marrow failure... Predisposition to fatal blood disorders... Potential for a Bone Marrow Transplant...

These are all phrases used to describe the diagnosis of Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome. Usually diagnosed early in life, these are words no parent wants to hear. With a median life-expectancy of 35-years, these families need hope.

When the President of the SDS Research Fund's daughter received this rare diagnosis, she quickly learned that the funding for research on SDS is just that: RARE.

Our Mission

The mission of SDS Research Fund is to empower families through research for a cure. In research, there is hope.

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About SDS Research Fund

SDS Research Fund is a US-based public charity nonprofit organization formed in December 2016. Our vision is that families of individuals living with Shwachman Diamond Syndrome will experience support and gain hope from their communities through events that raise funds for research on SDS.

SDS Research Fund believes empowerment is the key to a cure for SDS. Doctors and researchers need to be empowered with financial and other resources to make advances. The families of those affected by this chronic condition need to be empowered to help. Those affected with SDS need to feel empowered by their communities. SDS Research Fund was established to boost the funds going toward research for the treatment of and a cure for SDS. SDS Research Fund hopes to ignite a spirit of empowerment.

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